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    Bending the trend
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Compassionate Care Coordinators

Handpicked from the hospitality industry, our Care Coordinators are the single go-to resource for all customer service and care management requests. These highly-trained professionals resolve issues, eliminate confusion, and help employees make better use of their benefits, limiting unnecessary medical events and associated costs along the way. Employees thrive with this game-changing plan, which includes:

  • One single phone number to discuss claims
  • World-class “healthcare warriors”
  • 24/7 Support
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Turnkey Self-Funded Program

Apta Health makes self-funding easy by packaging third party administration, tailored stop loss coverage, and prescription benefits management together in a proven, powerhouse cost-containment strategy that will change the way you see healthcare benefits. We continuously vet vendors across the nation and stay on the cutting edge of self-funded insurance solutions packaged for the midmarket sector, enabling employers to:

  • Eliminate wasteful spending
  • Drive costs down
  • Foster greater independence
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Proactive Care

Apta Health’s proactive care model drives unnecessary medical events and costs out of the system. No longer do employers have to choose between keeping costs low and providing the best benefit program. This comprehensive care program delivers cost-saving results and a benefit program that employees will love, including:

  • Superior Patient Advocacy
  • Telemedicine
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Biometrics/Wellness
  • Prescription Benefit Management
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Bend the Trend of Healthcare Spend

Our healthcare system is broken. Insurance carriers have lost sight of the patient’s well being while relentlessly increasing costs to employers year after year. As a result, employers are often forced to choose between containing costs and caring for their employees. It’s expensive, inefficient, and unsustainable.

Apta Health offers a better solution. As the first and only fully-integrated, turnkey care coordination model available for mid-sized companies, our revolutionary program brings Fortune 500 solutions to the mid-market sector with best-in-class vendors, proven cost-containment strategies, and industry-leading care coordination - making Apta Health the last healthcare program you will ever need.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Solutions
for the MidMarket

Real customers talk about why they love Apta Health and what sets us apart.

Our revolutionary approach to healthcare supports both employer and employee with a self-funded plan centered around care coordination. With cream-of-the-crop vendors and partnerships around the nation, our highly-researched product supports both the employer and the employee with cutting-edge, Fortune 500 benefits and cost-saving solutions that bend the trend of uncontrollable healthcare spending.

Apta Health is the first company of its kind to offer a comprehensive care coordination and navigation solution to mid-market (100 to 1,000) employers. Our partner, Quantum Health has been transforming the industry in the Fortune 500 space for over 15 years with their one of a kind coordination and navigation system. Now this revolutionary program is available to employers under 1,000 employee lives
through Apta Health.

A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

You no longer need to choose between containing costs and caring for your employees, because Apta Health offers the perfect package of programs to bend your health care trend line, decrease costs over time, and give your employees access to better care. We focus on your employees’ overall well-being and your company’s future stability. Employer groups can expect immediate savings while your employees experience unmatched advocacy, guidance, and holistic care from the start.

We know that, in the constantly changing healthcare market, it can be challenging to find a program that fits your needs. It’s time to start thinking about healthcare in a new way and take control of your future. Let us help you make the most of your health benefit program.

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