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There are countless benefits to transitioning to Apta Health. With our focus on care coordination, cost containment, and long-term behavior change, Apta Health’s groundbreaking self-funded plan is all about driving tangible results.

Reduced Costs
In their first year with Apta Health, clients see an immediate reduction in their healthcare costs with 53% of clients lowering costs in year one. As time goes on, our clients continue to see cost savings, with an average cost reduction of 20% by year three.

Improved Engagement
Apta Health encourages members to stay engaged by walking them through important health decisions, which helps reduce costs for employers at the same time. Thanks to Apta Health’s unique plan design and member commitment, call-times nationwide average 7 1/2 minutes — far more than the typical 1 1/2 minutes for traditional insurance carriers.

Bending the Trend
Over time, Apta Health helps reduce employer health benefits spending, effectively bending the trend of overspending on health insurance. In fact, 94% of employer groups see their spending trend improve over the prior three years.

Better Member Satisfaction
Our cost-saving solutions put employers back in the driver’s seat, which lets them create a better experience for their members. As a result, satisfaction rates go up. Most members report a 94% member satisfaction rate after implementing Apta Health.

Amazing results for your clients

In their first year with Apta Health, our clients see an immediate reduction in their health care costs and a cost reduction of an average 20% by the third year, while their health plan members have a much more positive healthcare experience.

Households in contact with a care coordinator


94% of clients see a better trend than in the prior 3 years


53% of clients lower costs in year 1


94% Member satisfaction rating

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